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Hey, I’m John!

Greetings! As someone who is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service at all times, I am always actively working until both I and the people I am working for are completely satisfied and results are achieved. I am well-equipped with knowledge and experience to handle a job that comes along with caring for clients all across age groups. Additionally, my previous extensive experience in two hospitals has given me a wide variety of skills and developed my abilities to accurately perform the role when it comes to providing excellent child and aged care. Also, I have adequate personal training at home since I’m the eldest of the three children and among my several cousins and not so long ago, I became the weekend and “date night” babysitter of my two infant nephews. From preparing healthy snacks and changing diapers to playing at the park, I am enthusiastic and supportive in every aspect of caring for children. Additionally, I'm a Great Au Pair USA trained. Beyond that, I have personal and practical aged care experience at home because for the past 3 years, I have been taking care of my grandparents who live near our home. Being their constant companion while monitoring their health has taught me the importance of service and strengthened my patience in caring for others. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Home Care Services and Qualifications

I am looking for:
Home Care, Aged Care,Child Care

Services Offering
  • Personal Care
  • Cleaning or other light domestic work
  • Overnight Care
  • Respite Care
  • Baby Sitting
  • After School Care
  • Daytime Nanny

  • Student

Can provide when Screening
Own Transport

Carer Schedule (Working Times)

Available Times
    Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night

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