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Hey, I’m Sadikshya !

I am a mature, reliable and experienced lady looking for a part time Aged Care Work to look after elderly at home. I have over 2 years work experience in Aged care facilities and over 250 hours of placement experience in Aged Care facilities. I have completed my Diploma of Nursing in Ageing recently. I am confident ,flexible and responsible lady. I enjoy greatly helping others and have a passion for providing supportive care and help to improve quality of life of elderly people and / with disabilities and dementia. I am up to date with Police Clearance ,working with children (employee) and basic life support also I am qualified with Hand hygiene, blood transfusion. I’m available Saturday to Friday all day. Thank you

Home Care Services and Qualifications

I am looking for:
Home Care, Aged Care, Disability Care

Services Offering
  • Personal Care
  • Cleaning or other light domestic work
  • Overnight Care
  • Cooking

  • Certificate 3 or above in Aged Care
  • Student

Can provide when Screening
policeOwn Transport

Carer Schedule (Working Times)

Available Times
    Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night

Work Experience

Employee Belmore Nursing Agency
Address 630 Mitcham Road, Mitcham, VIC 1300 884 686
Start/End 2019-01-15 till Now
Work I'm working as casual pca.

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