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Hey, I’m Jessie!

I have worked in the care industry and specialised in dementia care for over eight years. I worked in London as a case manager, supervisor for a dementia team and ran a pet therapy business. I have various experience with providing personal care, home care however also coordinating and managing care packages to ensure my clients are provided with adequate care. I am a very friendly person, I enjoy building rapport with my clients and engaging in their lives to ensure I can make a difference and ensuring they are maintaining their indepdence however having a quality of life. I am very realible, I have a very strong work ethic and take my job very seriously. I am eager and always very passionate to meet new people and provide them with as much required care, advice and assistance for anything that is needed and necessary to ensure an adequate care plan is followed. I have an ability to make people feel comfortable and it’s very important that they feel comfortable with welcoming a carer or assistant into their home knowing that I’m adjusting to your needs, wishes and values and will always be very professional. As previously explained my main experience is coordinating / case managing clients however I have been a live in carer for a lady who was blind. I have worked with all aspects and avenues, of chronic / terminal illnesses and diseases. I have a lot of experience with medication and qualified to administer if needed. I have studied dementia for 8 years, I have a very good understanding of all forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, Lewy body, frontal temporal lobe and korsokoffs syndrome (alcohol dementia) I have worked with ages from 40-100 that have one of those 5 forms of dementia or multiple forms. I have worked closely in a palliative care team, end of life care. I also have a lot of experience in rehabilitation and helping clients gain their confidence again after accidents or injuries. I am happy to answer all professionally and appropriate personal questions about myself. I have all relevant police checks that are up to date which I’m happy to provide as well as a thorough resume. I am female and 26 years of age, my background is Australian and I am from Moonee Ponds in Melbourne.

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Live In Care, Aged Care

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  • Personal Care
  • Cleaning or other light domestic work
  • Overnight Care
  • Live In Care
  • Cooking
  • Respite Care

  • Certificate 3 or above in Aged Care

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Work Experience

Employee Sweettree homecare services
Address United Kingdom - London
Start/End 2014-04-12 till 2016-04-12
Work Supervisor / Casemanager for specialised dementia service

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