Have Some Questions?

  1. What is mycarer.com.au and what does it do?

    MyCarer is a unique online community with a comprehensive search facility which links up care users with the right carers. We connect Aged care, Disability Care and Child Care carers with Care seeking individuals/families/organisations.

    MyCarer provides an opportunity for care seekers to find the best suited carer for them. It also helps care providers who are looking to find care seekers and provides them with an opportunity to showcase their skills and preferences in a community style online environment.

  1. Is mycarer.com.au a care agency?

    MyCarer is not a care agency – we are an online community, which connects like minded care seekers with care providers

  1. How much does it cost to Register

    Registration is FREE for both Care Providers and Care Seekers for next 3 months!!

  1. What services or support does MyCarer provide to your members?

    Care Seekers – We provide a variety of support services to get the most of your membership, such as not just limiting to help Create your profile and post a job advertisement, but also how to conduct an interview and what checks you must make on your Care Providers before they start working with you.
    Refer Care Seekers Tips & Resources for more information

    Care Providers - We provide a variety of support services to get the most of your membership which is not just limited to helping you create the best profile, applying for Police check or Work with Children check but also how to obtain or renew your mandatory qualifications.
    Refer Care Providers Tips & Resources for more information

  1. Do I need a Police Check or any other Checks?

    Care Providers-We highly recommend all Care providers to get a Police Check. Also, if your work involves children a Working with Children check is all highly recommended.

    Care Seekers-You don’t need to obtain a Police Check or any other checks. However, we strongly recommend that you to view your Care Provider’s Police Check and/or Working with Children Certificate (if appropriate) before hiring them.

  1. How do I update my profile?
    Login using your email address and password, select Edit Profile, make the required changes click on update. Updates take effect immediately.

  1. What are the additional Services or features?

    • Rating Systems – On MyCarer both Care provider and Care seekers are able to rate the service(s) they have provided or received on an individual basis after either rendering or receiving care.
    • Care seeker members are able to shortlist your Care providers for quick reference use.
    • All registered members can participate in on online discussion forum to share any issues, ideas or thoughts.
    • All registered Care providers will be able to manage their own profile and share this on other social media portals to advance awareness of their professional skills and abilities.
  1. Are my details kept confidential?

    Yes. MyCarer will NOT disclose your personal or any contact details. As you manage your own profile, which contains all your personal details, it is your decision if you share this with anyone. Only registered Care seekers can request to see your details. You can use the MyCarer email box to communicate with each other without disclosing your personal details first and only share when you are happy to do so or directly through your own email address.

  1. Is it safe to provide my credit card details?
    Yes, it is. MyCarer uses SecurePay to process your registration payments after which this is deleted from our system. MyCarer accepts the following form of payments; Visa and MasterCard credit cards. MyCarer will never store your credit card details and it is deleted immediately.