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Hey, I’m Deep!

Hello, I'm Deep ( Shelly), I am 20 years old, Studying in ECU bachelors of Nursing stage 1. I am currently working as a support worker and Volunteer every Friday's at Joe Camilier Adult Day Center. I have been in this center since last year. I had my year 12 completed in 2014 at Melville Senior High School and won the DUX VET AWARD. I completed Cert II and III in Health services assistance and health support services. I have two years of working experience in three different hospitals. I got my police check, working with children check, and criminal record check everything required for any job. I am Looking for Home Care or child care employment.

My Details

I am looking for:
Live In Care, Aged Care, Disability Care,Child Care

Services Offering
  • Personal Care
  • Overnight Care
  • Respite Care
  • Baby Sitting
  • After School Care
  • Daytime Nanny

  • Certificate 3 or above in Aged Care
  • Certificate 3 or above in Disability Care
  • Special Needs focus qualification in Child Care
  • Student

Can provide when Screening
policeOwn Transport

My Work Schedule

Available Times
    Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night

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