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Hey, I’m Tiffany!

I’m a kind, respectful and compassionate female who Holds a Certificate III in Disability and Aged Care and a Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance. Genuinely enjoys helping people, Can provide sound references and has 6 years’ work experience as a personal care assistant in both private homes and public facilities. I can help you at home with things like Showering and dressing, Washing, pegging out and folding, Tidying/rearranging cupboards, Sorting paperwork, reading small print. Taking you shopping and to appointments. I am currently looking for employment in Home Care Services. If you wish to hire me, please feel free to contact me for further details on my qualifications.

Home Care Services and Qualifications

I am looking for:
Home Care, Aged Care, Disability Care,Child Care

Services Offering
  • Personal Care
  • Respite Care
  • Baby Sitting
  • After School Care
  • Daytime Nanny

  • Certificate 3 or above in Aged Care
  • Certificate 3 or above in Disability Care

Can provide when Screening
policeOwn Transport

Carer Schedule (Working Times)

Available Times
    Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night

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