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Hey, I’m Emy Imen!

I’m proud and confident to assist any individual in need. What is greater than changing the lives of others to be better and let others change yours? I have the skills to do my job as it should be with the RESPECT and HOLISTIC approach , life experience to treat others as I wish to be treated and mostly, heart to behave as expected. I've seen my family members suffering from disabilities with the complex need, I worked with people who are fighting everyday to have that quality of life and may teach you an everyday lesson. All made me more than capable to assist any one in need as a personal care worker. I Consider my self as an individual with strong communication and adaptation skills, flexible and I respect everyone regardless their race, color, background, religion social and intellectual level or any personal characteristic. I want to work in Home care services and I respect the privacy of others. I Love pets, coffee, walking, dancing, shopping, horse riding, traveling which I did several times and photography. I'm calm and relaxed when it should be, outgoing when it should be. Open for any communication with respect. If You wish to hire me, you can drop me a line and ask for any further information; please feel free to do it and I won't hesitate to contact you as soon as possible. Ps: I speak 3 foreign languages: French, Italian. Arabic and average German.

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I am looking for:
Live In Care, Aged Care, Disability Care

Services Offering
  • Personal Care
  • Cleaning or other light domestic work
  • Overnight Care
  • Cooking
  • Respite Care

  • Certificate 3 or above in Aged Care

Can provide when Screening
policeOwn Transport

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Available Times
    Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night

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